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Professional Dog Grooming

All Dogs Welcomed

Experienced Groomer

Your dog deserves the best

We don't discriminate, if you have a dog, you can bring your furry friend in to the VIP Poodle Salon to get groomed!


Don’t let our name fool you, our groomers have the expertise to groom every breed of dog and give them a great looking haircut.


We don’t let social stigmas hold us back; all dogs deserve to look beautiful.  Don't wait any longer, see what all your pooch is in store for!

Be confident in your dog's groomer

For over 40 years, the professionals at VIP Poodle Salon have been grooming dogs of

all breeds and making them look great.


We love your dogs as much as you do and strive to make them as comfortable as possible in the day they spend at our salon getting pampered.


With plenty of time out of the cages and full service treatments, your dog will love spending time with us!

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